Project Manager: Dan Vennix
Location: Bayswater, Victoria
Industry: Printing
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Rapid Labels

Project Manager: Dan Vennix
Location: Bayswater, Victoria
Industry: Printing

Case Study

Rapid Labels

As an in demand print business Rapid Labels has massive demand placed on their factories and machines. With overheating a real risk for the technology, and humidity being a really nuisance to any printing practices, temperature control and cooling of their facilities is a must. Constant cooling can also lead to a big overhead cost for factory floors so efficient systems are an absolute must for a client like Rapid Labels.

Cooling was required that could service both large scale printing machinery and the full factory floor itself. Bourke Air's projects team were able to get to work with a clear mandate to try and solve Rapid Labels cooling issues.


Rapid Labels


Evaporative Cooling



The Problem

Efficient and Multi-Purpose

Ensuring that any cooling system installed was efficient and cost effective was a high priority for Rapid Labels. As such a singular system was required to cool both a large printing machine and a full factory floor. It needed to both cool the working conditions and lower humidity in the environment to improve the printing process. The problem for our projects team was how to condition a large area, containing constantly working machinery, while maintaining a low power consumption and efficient system.

The Solution

Evaporating the problem

Ultimately the projects team at Bourke Air were able to solve Rapid Label's conditioning requirements by installing an indirect evaporative cooler. This particular mechanical system is able to maintain low levels of humidity while facilitating large air change with very little power consumption.

As an added bonus the evaporative cooling mechanical systems was able to be installed by our team as a singular unit that was servicing all requirements of the client, even further lowering the power consumption for Rapid Labels.

Rapid Labels

Skills Utilised





The Outcome

A more comfortable workplace

With an efficient and effective mechanical system installed, cooling at the Rapid Labels factory is now working excellently. Cooler working conditions and lower humidity mean a more comfortable working environment for the printing team. Both the people and the machinery is benefiting hugely from the evaporative cooling installed by Bourke Air.