Project Manager: Dan Cahir
Location: CBD Melbourne
Industry: Heritage Refurbishing
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McKillop House

Project Manager: Dan Cahir
Location: CBD Melbourne
Industry: Heritage Refurbishing

Case Study

Modern Systems for Heritage Refurbishment

Across Victoria, our fantastic heritage buildings are protected by government bodies and systems. These great programs make sure we maintain the wonderful aesthetic our state has developed and remember the history that brought us to the modern day. But even though we want to maintain the aesthetics of these heritage buildings, that doesn't mean personnel who use or live in them shouldn't be without the comfort and efficiency of modern mechanical systems.

As part of a refurbishment project, Bourke Air was commissioned to design, install and maintain mechanical systems for McKillop house in Melbourne's CBD. Our projects team were enthusiastic to rise to the challenge of creating top-quality mechanical systems without disrupting the heritage nature of the building itself.


McKillop House


Commercial Mechanical System Design & Installation


Controlled, efficient & safe install across multiple risers.

The Problem

Tight squeezes for installation

Working in the CBD, especially on a heritage building surrounded and dwarfed by the ever-changing skyline of Melbourne, is always a challenge when it comes to space. Our projects team needed to design a mechanical system that not only fit and operated in the space available to it but could be installed with limited workspace available. Being a heritage refurbishment adds an extra step with the mechanics and equipment needing to be hidden and run through the central shaft at the back of the building.

It's a tight squeeze for any mechanical system, and when working to maintain the heritage of the building it is essential that we got it right.

The Solution

Back to mechanical basics

We've got to give credit to our projects and installations team here. The mechanical systems installed in McKillop House were not particularly complicated in and of themselves, but getting them installed was another story. Thankfully our fantastic team of engineers were able to use a combination of creative scaffolding and cantilevered electrical block to maneuver the system into place.
All this ensured that McKillop House's new Bourke Air systems were installed correctly, efficiently and safely. We're proud to be a part of this historic building and are excited to continue to work with McKillop House to service and maintain their mechanical system.


Skills Utilised





The Outcome

Modern Heritage without Compromise

McKillop House has the best of both worlds. It's heritage aesthetic is refurbished and uplifted, and alongside that it sports top of the line Bourke Air mechanical systems. The who job was completed across multiple risers and in a safe and controlled manner.