1968 Systems Serviced in 2023
74 Projects Delivered in 2023
43 Years In Business
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About Us

1968 Systems Serviced in 2023
74 Projects Delivered in 2023
43 Years In Business

Who we are

A Lasting Legacy

As mechanical services professionals operating across all of Melbourne, we’re a dedicated team striving to deliver the best possible commercial options available.

From our projects team who design new systems as our clients require, to our fleet of servicing personnel who ensure all our client’s systems continue to operate, we’re driven by solid company culture and strong family values passed down since our founding in 1980.

Our team are passionate about commercial mechanical systems and is ready to operate on whatever commercial scale our clients require. We work with cutting-edge and proven technology, coupled with highly trained and immensely skilled people.


Bourke Air Formed

A humble beginning with years of potential ahead.

Started by refrigeration mechanic Peter Bourke in 1980, Bourke Air began as a small business operating directly out of Peter's family home. This base of operations, and the strong connection to family values and culture, would form a long lasting and multigenerational family business leading a team of excellent technicians in the design, application and servicing of commercial mechanical services.

Looking back on the history of Bourke Air it's exciting to see how far we've come. We now lead the industry in commercial and industrial installations, at scales well beyond those designed in Peter's family home.






Points of Difference

What we offer

At Bourke Air we want to be there for every step that our clients need assistance with when installing, designing and servicing their commercial mechanical systems. Whether working with our projects team, our installers or our ongoing maintenance personnel, we don't leave our client's hanging at any point of the process.


Commercial mechanical system needs will vary from client to client. Our projects team will work with you to design the right, efficient and effective system to suit your needs.


Our team are highly trained and skilled professionals. Whatever engineering requirements need to be met for your mechanical systems, we're up to the task.


Quality installation is an important step in maximising the efficiency of your systems. At Bourke Air we handle every step of the process so your installation will be perfectly in line with the design.


Proper preparation, reporting and follow ups are essential for ongoing efficiency. As part of our regular servicing we'll conduct and report on regular auditing of your system's operation.


Regular maintenence will help keep the effciency of your systems top notch. We offer regular maintenance servicing on all commercial systems we work with.


We're committed to ensuring our clients have long lasting and efficient systems. Our clients can contact us for support with their systems 24/7.


The Bourke Air Difference

Evaporating the Problem

As an in demand print business, Rapid Labels has massive demand placed on their factories and machines. With overheating a real risk for the technology, and humidity being a real nuisance to any printing practices, temperature control and cooling of their facilities is a must. Cooling was required that could service both large-scale printing machinery, and the entire factory floor itself.

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Rapid Labels


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