1968 Systems Serviced in 2023
74 Projects Delivered in 2023
43 Years in Business
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HVAC Installation

1968 Systems Serviced in 2023
74 Projects Delivered in 2023
43 Years in Business


What is HVAC Installation

As Bourke Air and Bourke Air Light Commercial, we are working with commercial mechanical systems on a wide variety of scales. We install mechanical systems on major construction projects across Victoria, on some of the largest sites in the state, as well as assist small businesses with heating and cooling their offices or storefronts. Installation of these systems can mean a lot of different challenges and demands for our team. Good installation is crucial to the ongoing operation of your mechanical systems. Our on-site foremen ensure clear communication, organised processes and excellent labour management for all our installation jobs.

It’s not just the physical installation of the system that is involved, we make sure our clients are across the value management and we produce drawings and designs before the fact so there are no surprises once the installation is complete. Our project managers ensure that equipment approval and procurement are confirmed ahead of time and that all testing and commissioning are completed at the end of the job.

HVAC Installation

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The Best Laid Plans

Regardless of scale, major construction sites or small commercial systems, installation is always a big job. At times installation of mechanical systems needs large teams of technicians working in tandem, while other jobs might require tight spaces and creative solutions. At Bourke Air, we ensure that every job, no matter the size, is given the thought and consideration to guarantee an effective and excellent installation.

Every installation is managed by a project manager and dedicated on-site foreman. With shop drawings and designs for the mechanical systems generated and approved well in advance, we can work to avoid any surprises when performing the actual installation. For larger-scale installations, we manage our own labour when on site and our team is prepped on what to expect in advance.

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Once our team have completed the installation of your mechanical systems we know that the job isn’t finished yet. Part of the process is ensuring that our clients are across what to expect from their newly installed system. Before our installation is considered done you can expect to be across the following:

  • System Operation
  • Reporting Processes
  • Maintenance Plans
  • System Compliance Metrics
  • Quality Assurance
  • System Testing Data
  • System Integrations


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We're not just here for installing and designing your systems, we're committed to ensuring our clients have long lasting and efficient systems.

As such you can contact us for support outside our standard operating hours. Simply call our standard number and choose the "Emergency After Hours Support" option from the menu provided.

Maintenance is vital in prolonging the life of equipment. A low cost, well- managed preventative maintenance program is vital to maximise the life, health and efficiency of any commercial air conditioning system.

Regular service and maintenance is a huge part of Bourke Air's identity and we're committed to maintaining not just systems, but ongoing partnerships with all our clients.

Installation, design and servicing of commercial mechanical services is Bourke Air's area of expertise. We are solely focused on the management of systems at a commercial scale and do not offer domestic system management.

You bet we can! Get in touch with us today to find our how our engineering team can help in designing a HVAC system that will suit your needs.

We're dedicated to providing the best systems to suit our client's needs. If your priority is energy efficiency then our engineering team will be able to collaborate with you to ensure the design reflects your needs.

Here at Bourke Air we are focused on the commercial market when designing, delivering and maintaining mechanical systems.

As such we are unable to assist with design and installation of domestic systems and cannot service domestic systems.