2586 Systems Serviced in 2022
67 Projects Delivered in 2022
42 Years in Business
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HVAC Servicing & Maintenance

2586 Systems Serviced in 2022
67 Projects Delivered in 2022
42 Years in Business


What is HVAC Servicing & Maintenance

Regular servicing and maintenance of your mechanical systems helps maintain efficiency and maintain the lifespan of the system as a whole. Much like servicing a car, a fire alarm or any other system this practice can potentially identify issues with your systems before they occur, saving you costly mechanical failures.

With reporting, scheduled maintenance and emergency support all available from Bourke Air’s team we can ensure that your systems keep running smoothly while retaining essential services compliance.

HVAC Installation

What we offer

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Maintenance Scheduling



What separates us from the rest

Here at Bourke Air, it’s our people that make us the leading maintainers of commercial mechanical systems throughout Victoria. Whether we were a part of the design and installation of the systems or were brought in to maintain them after the fact, we strive to create a personalised and dedicated relationship with each of our clients. On the support line, available 24/7, our staff strive to create an accessible and helpful singular point of contact for all maintenance and service needs. Our team are experts and our support staff ensures the right professional is being sent to each job, all the while maintaining clear communication with our clients so there are no surprises.

Our team of mechanics and technicians are of the highest quality and trained to work within any and all commercial settings, from building sites to storefronts. Every member of Bourke Air is dedicated to delivering efficient service in compliance with all OH&S regulations. With our team, your commercial systems are kept running smoothly and safely.

Our Skillsets

What to expect from Bourke Air

Our team has the skill set to comprehensively cover your HVAC needs. From plumbing to plastering and painting, never look back. Our team and services include:

  • Mechanical Service Engineers
  • Refrigeration Mechanics
  • Reporting Processes
  • Accurate Estimating
  • Electricians
  • Mechanical Engineers
  • Fabricators
  • Maintenance Plans
  • Mechanical Drafting
  • Boiler Technicians


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We're not just here for installing and designing your systems, we're committed to ensuring our clients have long lasting and efficient systems.

As such you can contact us for support outside our standard operating hours. Simply call our standard number and choose the "Emergency After Hours Support" option from the menu provided.

Maintenance is vital in prolonging the life of equipment. A low cost, well- managed preventative maintenance program is vital to maximise the life, health and efficiency of any commercial air conditioning system.

Regular service and maintenance is a huge part of Bourke Air's identity and we're committed to maintaining not just systems, but ongoing partnerships with all our clients.

Installation, design and servicing of commercial mechanical services is Bourke Air's area of expertise. We are solely focused on the management of systems at a commercial scale and do not offer domestic system management.

You bet we can! Get in touch with us today to find our how our engineering team can help in designing a HVAC system that will suit your needs.

We're dedicated to providing the best systems to suit our client's needs. If your priority is energy efficiency then our engineering team will be able to collaborate with you to ensure the design reflects your needs.

Here at Bourke Air we are focused on the commercial market when designing, delivering and maintaining mechanical systems.

As such we are unable to assist with design and installation of domestic systems and cannot service domestic systems.